Nelson Roca


Marketing Work

     I was working for 10 years in the Santamaria Group, for the Aqualandia and Mundomar park. I started in the animation department, but in the last 3 years I was promoted to be the head of the audiovisual department.        

Aqualandia it is one of the largest waterparks in Europe, opened in 1985, it has a huge success, with thousands of costumers per day. Mundomar it is a marine animal park opened in 1996, successful too, with a large number of programs to help animals, especially those in danger of extinction, through the Mundomar Foundation.

        –  Responsible of the audiovisual department. Speaker and sound technician in the shows, creation of audiovisual material for social media, social media management, sale to the public.

          I achieved a better production of audiovisual material in quantity and quality for social media, raising the number of impacts of the publications. Likewise, the sales of our products to costumers increased.

        –  Photographer. Taking pictures and selling to customer are part of my duties.

        –  Animation. Provide entertainment to the customers.


Check some of the videos I made as a content for the parks I worked.

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