Nelson Roca

Nelson Roca

Digital Marketing Specialist l Web Design l SEO

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About Me

Facing each new challenge with passion, humility and ambition.

I have a big passion about communicate. That’s what made me study Audiovisual Communication at the university in Spain. After theses studies, I keep studying courses in Community Management and a Co-op, here in Vancouver, about digital marketing. At the same time, I studied by myself about photography and video taken and editing.

About my professional background related with marketing digital, I worked for 3 years as the head of department of audiovisuals in one of the biggest waterparks in Europe, where I develop the content for media, including taken and editing photos and videos.


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Here you can see some of the works I have done in these last years


Take a look to some of the websites I develop at my Digital Marketing studies


Check some of the pictures I have been doing and editing


Here you can see some videos I took and edited

Marketing Work

Some of the marketing works I did in the waterpark I was working in Spain

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

- Nelson Roca